The Perfect Prom Tux Rentals to Impress Your Date

One of the most important parts of going to prom is what you wear, especially since the memory is forever preserved in the photos. Norman’s Tuxedo Rentals helps you pick an outfit you can be proud of and will look back on fondly. Our prom tux rentals in Louisiana are the best way to ensure you look perfect for the biggest high school dance of the year.

There are several colors for our prom vests, making it easy to match your date’s attire and complement each other for a photo finish. Please note that colored vest options are considered a $15.00 upgrade, and school dance deposits are $30.00 per tuxedo. We have these choices because we aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of place. Instead, we believe in providing the ideal suit or tux for each individual customer.

Suits for School Dances

Prom tuxedos aren’t all we have to offer. Norman’s also carries suits and vests for homecoming dances, so you can rely on us for formalwear all year long. We want you to have the best high school memories possible, and it shows in our service.